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Proud of you Gena Taylor!

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It was a warm day in August, 2012 and what started out as a road trip leading to a relaxing vacation turned into a nightmare for one of our CrossFit 570 family members. If you know her, you probably see her as the kind, polite, hard-working girl who comes to the 6AM class. What you probably don’t know is about a year ago she could hardly tie her own shoes and after what she has been through she is lucky to even be alive. We are talking about one of our 570 family members that we are extremely proud of, Gena Taylor.

Gena just signed up at CrossFit 570 not to long before that awful day in August and was really starting to get into the swing of things when tragedy struck. For those of you who don’t know the story, Gena was involved in a head on collision on the Casey highway that left her with a life threatening head trauma along with spinal fractures, a cracked sternum, multiple broken ribs, a broken hand and countless bumps and bruises. The swelling in her brain became so great that in order for Gena to have any chance of survival they had to remove a large portion of her skull and wait months before they could even think about inserting the prosthesis she now has in place of her missing skull.

To say this time was stressful for Gena would be an understatement. For many months, up to the present Gena suffers from memory loss from the trauma. Along with the memory loss, Gena suffered with loss of balance and an extreme lack of strength and coordination. To the point that at times she had extreme difficulty walking without losing her balance and even months after the accident couldn’t grasp with her right hand! Being an active woman, a dedicated wife, a mom and a nail technician this was troubling to Gena who grew more and more frustrated with her situation. However, Gena was a fighter from the beginning and even motivated others around her performing their rehab to push themselves when she was doing her rehabilitation herself! Gena obviously struggled with many physical limitations and stress but the mental stress was at times too hard to handle.

Needless to say, she has endured amazing difficulties and proves that anyone can overcome obstacles of life if they have an iron will like she has.

If anyone knows Gena she is EXTREMELY humble and really struggled with being our spotlight but she told us that if one person can find motivation from my story its worth doing! Gena explained, “Crossfit has helped me get through my worst days, not only physically but, I think even more mentally. I feel so accomplished after working out even on the days I don’t think I can do the workout. The best motivation is the support from my family & my Crossfit 570 family.”

Gena you are a rock-star for so many reasons. You have an amazing will to keep going even when you want so desperately to stop. You are an inspiration to not only our CrossFit 570 family but to our entire community! Thank you for being a part of our family!

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  1. Denise DePhillips says:

    Gena’s AWESOME .. I’m honored to call her Friend

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