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Welcome to CrossFit 570. We are a certified CrossFit Affiliate located in Eynon, PA. It's our job to increase your health, your performance, and put a smile on your face. Here at CrossFit 570 fitness is for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are out of shape or competing at the highest level. Our program and movements are scalable and adapted to your skill and ability level every session by our Coaches. Each and every member of the CrossFit 570 staff is genuinely dedicated and passionate about bringing these positive changes to you.

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open wod 13.5

4 min amrap

15 thruster 100/65

15 chest to bar

*if 3 rounds is reached a new 4 mins is awarded.


open wod 11.3

5 min

squat clean plus jerk 165/110

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Open wod 14.4

14 min amrap

60 cal row

50 toes to bar

40 wallballs 20/14

30 cleans 135/95

20 muscle ups

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Open wod 13.1

40 burpees

30 snatch 75/45

30 burpees

30 snatch 135/75

20 burpees

30 snatch 165/100

10 burpees

snatch 210/120 as many as possible


Crossfit Kids

5 min skill rope climbs


15 mins

the hopper


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Attention Crossfit Kids! Tonight’s 7:15 class is cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Today is JANUARY 1st so let’s get started toward a healthier you….. wait…. No it’s NOT!

Well here at CrossFit 570 we are not waiting for January 1st to help you get healthy and you shouldn’t wait either! We want you to get a jump on the New Year RIGHT NOW. So, we aren’t waiting till the New Year to release a special or a program for you to start like every other gym will this year. We are staring NOW.

Let us explain why. Most people fail at resolutions and fitness programs because they put to many expectations on their New Year’s resolutions that they invest in a program or in a gym hoping they have the answer to all their health concerns. Worse yet people will be so pumped up Jan 1st they will sign contracts (sometimes up to a year) with a gym that they may not even want to be at the very next week or month!

Well we are taking all of these fears and expectations away. We are offering ANY NEW MEMBER an amazing opportunity to try CrossFit at Crossfit570. Starting TODAY, any NEW member to join CrossFit 570 will get their first month for $50! Yes $50. From now until January 31, 2015 that is all it will cost you to test drive CrossFit 570. No contracts, no obligations, no fear, no pressure of the “New Year” or any of the resolutions that go along with it. If you love CrossFit, GREAT!, sign up for another month. If you try it and think it’s not for you? Don’t sign back up. It’s that simple.

College students home on break! This may be perfect for you. You know spring break is right around the corner and there is only one way to get back in shape after the holidays, don’t get out of shape DURING the holidays!

At CrossFit 570 we don’t make you sign a contract for 3,6 or 12 months. We want YOU to WANT TO come back every month. We don’t want you to feel “obligated” to come because we forced you into a contract. If we are doing our job we’re confident you’ll be back.

See you soon! Let’s get a running start into the holiday season!

**This discount can NOT be used in conjunction with our black card discount for the new member but members who refer any new member with the black card WILL still get the $20 in 570 bucks!

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open wod 12.3

18 min amrap

15 box jump 24/20

12 push press 115/75

9 toes to bar


7 min amrap

3 wall climbs

6 kb swings

9 mtn climbers

12 front squats

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Open wod 11.4

10 min amrap

60 bar facing burpees

30 ohs 120/90

10 muscle ups

Crossfit Kids


5 min emom- 3 position clean

12 min ladder

cleans and box jumps

* climb by 2’s

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4 min amrap

10 pull ups

8 rack lunges 155/105

rest 1 min

4 min amrap

10 burpees

8 clean and jerk 155/105

rest 1 min

4 min amrap

20 dbl unders

8 front squat 155/105

rest 1 min

4 min amrap

snatch 155/105


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30 min amrap-partner

row 2000m

80 box jump overs

70 kb swing 53/40

60 hspu

50 burpees

40 sumodeadlift high pull 95/65

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Tonight’s kids class is cancelled due to the ice and deteriorating road conditions.  All adult classes are still running on schedule.  Please be safe traveling.


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